you can’t please them all

Met up with some ‘old hippes’ the other day who said, laughingly, that I had given hippies a bad name in my book, DAY AND KNIGHT-The Case of Missing Things. This statement was accompanied by broad grins and flashing twinkles in the eyes, so I knew it to be a way of life they were actually proud of! All that saving of native forests and trying to get people to understand there was more to life than commercialisation and destruction. What a great job they did to make the rest of us aware of what was important. ¬†My research for the book entailed picking up on the good and the bad and the indifferent aspects of the 1970’s in the Nimbin area of NSW. It was great listening to the stories and the attitudes of people some forty years later. Overall my treatment of that era for the book was a positive one. Frankly I admired their guts. Thinking now of the current political devastation of most, if not all, environmental issues and dismissal ¬†thoughts of the value of ‘country’ makes for sadness at how hard and how long those who care for the environment have fought.

In people power we must trust. The current political attitudes and abuses are but a passing phase.


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