writing again

After a great few weeks travelling I was expecting to be overflowing with story ideas and gems about people and incidents seen during the travels and indeed I have loads of ideas…principally how to incorporate my Holly Day and Lucy Knight characters into a mystery story set, at least partially, in Europe. ┬áSo when I opened my fresh new note pad and picked up my sharpened 3B pencil, I was expecting some kind of ┬átravel memoir to emerge… But what rapidly appeared on the blank page? Surprisingly , the first scene of a new play about a family and worse/better with my usual social comments and humour already clearly defined! Certainly I can see a vague connection with a family I spoke with in UK. but really…this is not what I really wanted to do! So much for the creative spirit. I shall continue with the play as the story is unfolding in my mind with each day but hey…what control have I got? Bit scary really but then who am I to discard any creativity that comes my way. Just be thankful and hope that what is produced is a good piece of work and that eventually people will see it performed on the stage. Weird though.

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