Where to buy my book!

For those who wish to buy my fiction book: The title of my mystery thriller is DAY AND NIGHT The Case of Missing Things. It is available from Amazon.com, Nile.com and Barnes and Noble. It is available as either a paper back or an ebook. (kindle). If you wish for a paperback copy signed by me, the author, then contact me at me@gmail.com with your requirements. It will be the cost of the book AU$19.95 plus postage to wherever you live.

The book is selling well locally and a few overseas. The verbal feedback is positive and heart warming for me. If anyone buys one it would be great if you could put a review, or an opinion, online at either this, my website, or on the Amazon site, next to my book. I would really love to hear comments from readers from anywhere round the world! Go on, make my day and contact me. 

My other book is academic non-fiction. The title is:  Political Satire: Aristophanes to Fo. This book explores the comedic conventions of Political Satire in Western Theatre and would be of interest to anyone involved in theatre or comedy, or the writing of satire, or indeed of general interest. As there was an error with translating the German/ English command lines the author is printed as being Margaret Guy Bette. It is still me! This book is also available on Amazon.com.

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