Time or temptation

I have time on my hands, due to an injury to my ankle, so I should be flourishing away creatively, a play waiting to be finished, a new novel to be outlined, a poem to be written for a competition. Yet I am not tempted enough to even make a serious start on any of them. So clearly, time is not the major  requirement needed to write, even if time is of course an essential component to do the physical act of  writing. An hour grabbed at midnight, a few hours before lunch, a five hour stretch in the afternoon. All writers have different timetables. I guess another word for temptation, as far as writers go, is motivation. That urgency to part with something in the head and place it firmly onto the paper or screen.  Something to be shared. Currently this is what I lack. So I read. and read….Dipping in and out of ‘For the Term of his Natural Life’….’The Origin of the Species’, ‘Ulysees’ (ok I am trying!) , John Updike’s short stories..(insightful but invariably sad.).. and to offset Updike….my own novel , a lighthearted mystery thriller ..(a great Xmas gift idea for anyone!) ha ha. And so to hoping that the muse will arrive soon and give me that push, that freedom to do what I love to do, to express my thoughts on the human condition. Sounds airy fairy but it is in fact as practical as mending a broken chair…Time and motivation equals a job completed.

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