The others POV

Writers of fiction must be able to get inside the head and the heart of other people so that their characters are credible. Most comes from observation.  had never known exactly what it is to be confined to a wheelchair for weeks on end until now. A broken ankle and a subsequent operation meant just that, although hopping to and from a few places fairly close together is essential. It has made me realise just how hard it would be to be permanently in this position. Maybe such people become resigned and/or accepting and even perhaps thankful for small mercies but it has filled me with anguish at the loss of my freedom and independence. Which says something of my personality I guess. It is luckily a short term position but one I have learned from and as a writer I will be better informed should I ever write about a character with a similar loss of independence.  I will certainly tread more carefully in the future!Suddenly Summer 004

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Hope you’ve recovered Bette and have used the time of enforced restriction creatively and productively. So often it is not until we lose something we take for granted that we appreciate what we had.

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