The Other Book

While DAY AND KNIGHT is my first published fiction novel there is another book , one I have felt ambivalent about since its publication. ..Not sure why.  I am not ashamed of it but it feels a bit like the skeleton in the cupboard. Yet, like all skeletons, it was once alive and kicking. Mine was also clothed in enthusiastic excitement as the culmination of more than a years research and endless rewrites. The book, while being academic non- fiction, my MA thesis in fact,  also incorporates the creative side of my brain because it contains a new stage play composed as part of the thesis.

My thesis was, and still is,  that western playwrights when writing political satire have utilised most of the comedic conventions set up by the early Greek playwright, Aristophanes. By studying the extant plays of Aristophanes and watching modern TV satires, it is clear to see how closely contemporary writers follow the ancient conventions. For me this reveals that human beings haven’t changed all that much when it comes to ‘taking a poke at authority figures’. Aristophanes made jokes at the expense of the leaders of his day just as we do today and we find it just as funny. I find this fact heartening.

You will note that my name has been printed incorrectly on the book cover but it is all my work inside!

This  book ‘Political Satire: Aristophanes to Fo’  is available on for anyone interested. Hope it gives you a good laugh.IMG_0001


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