The novel: Day and Knight-The Case of Missing Things

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My book DAY AND KNIGHT-The Case of Missing Things is available from and Barnes and Noble and will be on Booktopia and Nile soon. Amazon allow a free reading of an excerpt before you buy! Please let me know what you think of the book once you have read it. Good or bad. All discussion is useful. The book cover looks good online too.


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5 Responses to The novel: Day and Knight-The Case of Missing Things

  1. Ronny Susanto says:

    I must say that I did enjoy this book very much. It took me 3 days to finished reading this book. ‘Day and Knight – The Case of Missing Things’ is a fast-paced, exciting, entertaining and humorous novel. This book was written with the right balance and amount of humor, action and entertainment. The story was based in the NSW Northern Rivers and Noosa, QLD. I live in the area and have been to Noosa a few times. It was wonderful to read a novel sets in the area that I know rather well. The characters are believable, funny and real. For people who have special interest in the Age of Aquarius should read this book. Whether the story of a Picasso painting is believable enough or not, it is up to you to decide once you read this book. But, you know what, I believe that story-line. You know why? Believe it or not, there are loads of people with unbelievable amount of wealth who live in this part of Australia. So yes, there might be someone in this area who has a painting by Picasso. Yes, I know Bette personally and you might think this is a biased review. Fear not, if I did not enjoy reading this book, why would I write this review. If you like a funny, entertaining and fast-paced novel, you must read this book. Plus, we need to support our local Australian writers. Enjoy the book! And Bette, I am looking forward to read the sequel!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for that Ronny. You got out of the book exactly what I hope all readers will. There is a great deal of art work in this region and all over the world that is ‘lost’ for a while. Do you recall the Brett Whitley painting recently ‘found’ in someone’s house in USA? So a Picasso turning up is quite plausible, especially under the circumstances as described in the book.
      The sequel will arrive as soon as I sell sufficient books to make it a viable option!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Definitely! I didn’t realise until recently that the Bangalow Writers’ Group is the longest continuously running group on the NSW north coast. It seems like a ‘happening’ group to be associated with.
    – Alexandra

  3. Alexandra says:

    Hi Bette
    The extract you read at Bangalow Wirter’s Group was most enticing. See my email re contacts for local groups (Probus, View Club) as an idea for local speaking opportunities.
    Anyone looking for a great Mother’s Day present for an avid book reader wouldn’t go astray with this one!
    I noticed your book is listed on Goodreads:—the-case-of-missing-things, but needs a cover image to be uploaded – and it is a rather striking cover design!
    Goodreads is also a site to consider for author giveaways. Although not mandatory, it is expected that recipients write a review for the Goodreads audience (which has quite a considerable readership).
    Wishing you all the best with getting the word about a good read out there!

    • admin says:

      Hi Alexandra, Thanks for info. and encouragement. I will do my best to upload image.
      See you at Bangalow some time? Bette

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