About the Author

About the Author


Bette Guy is an established playwright and short story writer. She has written 22 plays most of which have been publicly performed. Of her 30 short stories many have been published in anthologies and/or won short story competitions. With her play, The Other Side of the Lake, she was a winner in the Patrick White Playwright’s Award.  Day and Knight: The Case of Missing Things, is her first novel.

Bette has a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre Studies and English Literature, and a Masters of Arts Degree (Research). The stage play written as part of her thesis is a political satire called Soft Murder. Bette has been an actor and a director for the stage. She also spent a six months stint as a stand up comic. “An exciting ordeal.”

Her loves are writing, theatre, walking, talking, the environment, global female emancipation and social equity.

“No matter what genre I write in, I seem always, purposefully or not, to include a small dose of social comment and a huge blob of humour.”

Contact Bette at E: me@betteguy.com