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Christmas holiday is over. New year only a couple of days away. Everyone hoping for a world wiser to its solvable problems with the environment and the unequal distribution of wealth. So many books written about both subjects, few promoted widely, except by the publicly owned independent ABC, so that well researched information falls on few ears. So it is that we have world governments ‘forced’, ‘bribed’ and ‘persuaded’ by  lobbyists who represent vested interests, to drag the chain on both problems.  Please let 2013 see a reversal in this. We must all make ourselves more aware of the facts by reading and disseminating information by  screaming it from the mountain tops and the top floors of skyscrapers! Read and write and talk!Mt WarningLet me know what you think E:

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2 Responses to read and write

  1. salirian says:

    It can certainly be hard to come across fair and unbiased information!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for that. There are some things we need to shout about, even if in a gentler way than would sometimes like.The essence though is to find the facts first, whenever they are available.

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