Life, both comedy and tragedy.

Every day of every life has an aspect of drama about it. Love, loss, hate, fear, joy, envy, greed,  are all emotions we have in common, to some degree and so are worthy of sharing through the writing process, in any genre. I love writing and watching stage plays, immersing myself, with every other audience member, in the story of the lives of others.  Equally, I love to sit in a quiet corner and read a book, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud. The life of another human being is so complex and yet so simple in that despite our differences there is so much in common. It is in times of wars that we both recall and forget these things. Is this why war stories are so popular, particularly long after the event? Is it because they remind us of both the good and the bad that resides in every human being? Questions worth pondering. Answers to be searched for in both reading and writing.

Next post I will try to sort out the good and the bad emotions I came across in other people during the research for my Contemporary Fiction Crime novel DAY and KNIGHT The Case of Missing Things.



565309_4652900887992_809588074_n Lismore Theatre

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Sales and sighs

My July invoice for sales was rather discouraging. How to gain more sales. Do I dance naked down a New York City street or in London, with a placard with the name of my book on it, covering my ‘naughty bits’? Do I spend a small fortune sending out copies of my book to every reviewer in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and so on. (Does anyone have a contact for Oprah?) I ADORED writing the book DAY AND KNIGHT, The Case of missing Things and I feel really happy to know the character Holly, and 99% of people who have read it, enjoyed it and yet I have to find better ways to market the book. To make it stand out along the other thousands!

Also disappointing to learn that for all writers any online sales also have the various sales taxes deducted from their cut, which is already small. Fine for the writers of block busters. I knew it was going to be tough but not so time consuming. More talks coming up where I hope to sell a few more copies but  I think I am definitely going to diet, just in case the most fruitful option turns out to be the naked placard walks in the streets!

May the force be with you.

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Long time, no write

HI all,

After a break of ? weeks I am back. Am still marketing my book but am also researching and writing my next full length  play. It is about a female serial killer, sort of weird after writing a lighthearted thriller novel. Yet, I am not delving into the crimes themselves so much as the killer’s state of mind and the reasons for it, both physical, emotional and mental. It is proving to be an interesting project. So little information is out there in the wide world, apart from the usual brief newspaper snippets. It is only a very new project so I have heaps of work to do yet. I am also going to include some music, songs, mostly my own but I may add a couple of classical ones. Yet to see what the creative juices create. Back to the blank page.

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Readers and writers

Day and Knight_cover

I know for sure that my book has been bought by someone in Minnesota,USA, someone in Hamburg, Germany, someone in London and by many in my beautiful northern rivers region  of New South Wales, Australia. It is still early days and I hope more people over the world will get to read it and enjoy. It took me around three years to write and I grew to love my characters, especially the goodies! So sharing it with readers gives me a tingle down the spine. Is that weird or what?012

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For anyone wanting to contact Longbottom Press, under whose name the book DAY AND KNIGHT The Case of missing Things was published, should make contact at this website.

Mt Warning

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Where to buy my book!

For those who wish to buy my fiction book: The title of my mystery thriller is DAY AND NIGHT The Case of Missing Things. It is available from, and Barnes and Noble. It is available as either a paper back or an ebook. (kindle). If you wish for a paperback copy signed by me, the author, then contact me at with your requirements. It will be the cost of the book AU$19.95 plus postage to wherever you live.

The book is selling well locally and a few overseas. The verbal feedback is positive and heart warming for me. If anyone buys one it would be great if you could put a review, or an opinion, online at either this, my website, or on the Amazon site, next to my book. I would really love to hear comments from readers from anywhere round the world! Go on, make my day and contact me. 

My other book is academic non-fiction. The title is:  Political Satire: Aristophanes to Fo. This book explores the comedic conventions of Political Satire in Western Theatre and would be of interest to anyone involved in theatre or comedy, or the writing of satire, or indeed of general interest. As there was an error with translating the German/ English command lines the author is printed as being Margaret Guy Bette. It is still me! This book is also available on

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Marketing versus creating

Well, my book DAY AND KNIGHT The Case of Missing Things is selling quite a few copies locally but few have gone from online stores. How to get my name out there? How to make people realise what a good read my book is? It has a little of everything: mystery, drugs, murder, intrigue, romance, humour, social comment and fun!

It’s a little daunting. SO many good books being published, as well as so many bad ones it has to be said.  So many have thousands of dollars spent on promotion by publishers of some books. How can I compete? I guess readers of my book putting genuine reviews on Amazon would help. Hmm. Like most creative people I enjoy the creating (in my case the writing) and do  not enjoy the business side of things.

A toughie.But on with the show, as they say.I am hopeful that suddenly the world will discover my book!

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The book cover!

A new mystery thriller set in New South Wales, Australia

A new mystery thriller set in New South Wales, Australia

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The novel: Day and Knight-The Case of Missing Things

Day and Knight_cover

My book DAY AND KNIGHT-The Case of Missing Things is available from and Barnes and Noble and will be on Booktopia and Nile soon. Amazon allow a free reading of an excerpt before you buy! Please let me know what you think of the book once you have read it. Good or bad. All discussion is useful. The book cover looks good online too.


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A writer I admire

Just reading GOLD by Chris Cleave. He is a great story teller but it is his style of writing I so admire. It appears to be all so conversational and then out come these wonderful descriptions, so imaginative and different. A writer of cliches he is definitely not. A line of powerful poetic language, within a seemingly ordinary scenario dealing with one his characters, often takes my breath away. It flows beautifully within the contemporary language he uses. He has written three books, to my knowledge, and GOLD is about people who compete for Gold at the Olympics. His research is meticulous and the stream of consciousness of his characters is truly  credible.  This is a modern writer I put alongside the classic writers of the 19th and 20th century. And no, he is not a relation! I do not even know him. His work speaks to me.

While I so wish my writing skills were as brilliant as his, I still like the way I write. Different genre, different style, perhaps different demographics. It is all putting down the lives of other people onto the page.


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