New book, new dreams

A long time since I wrote on here. I have been busy trying to sell my first novel and been involved with a lot of work for community theatre. Yet now I am busy writing my second novel. It is not the second in a series of Day and Knight, though perhaps it should be, It is something completely different. The kind of book I’ve been trying to write for years, about family relationships and friends and enemies, set in a small town and a city in UK, during the 1950’s. AND for some unfathomable reason it is flowing like crazy. After only just over a week so I have done over 20 thousand words and the characters and scenarios are slotting into each other, without a plotting plan too! OF course when I come to re read this first hand written draft it may well be that 50% is terrible or useless or tragic, in terms of craft. However, I feel in my guts that there is a  good story there, so here is hoping. It will be many, many months before I have a clue if it is going to work out well, maybe even years but…I’ll keep forging ahead, as writers tend to do.  So wish me luck.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Great news Bette. All the best with your next project!
    – Alexandra

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