Marketing versus creating

Well, my book DAY AND KNIGHT The Case of Missing Things is selling quite a few copies locally but few have gone from online stores. How to get my name out there? How to make people realise what a good read my book is? It has a little of everything: mystery, drugs, murder, intrigue, romance, humour, social comment and fun!

It’s a little daunting. SO many good books being published, as well as so many bad ones it has to be said.  So many have thousands of dollars spent on promotion by publishers of some books. How can I compete? I guess readers of my book putting genuine reviews on Amazon would help. Hmm. Like most creative people I enjoy the creating (in my case the writing) and do  not enjoy the business side of things.

A toughie.But on with the show, as they say.I am hopeful that suddenly the world will discover my book!

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