Long time, no write

HI all,

After a break of ? weeks I am back. Am still marketing my book but am also researching and writing my next full length ┬áplay. It is about a female serial killer, sort of weird after writing a lighthearted thriller novel. Yet, I am not delving into the crimes themselves so much as the killer’s state of mind and the reasons for it, both physical, emotional and mental. It is proving to be an interesting project. So little information is out there in the wide world, apart from the usual brief newspaper snippets. It is only a very new project so I have heaps of work to do yet. I am also going to include some music, songs, mostly my own but I may add a couple of classical ones. Yet to see what the creative juices create. Back to the blank page.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Good to hear! Happy writing – may the inspiration stay with you!

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