Long time no write

It is along time since I was on my website. Life is what happens, according to Lennon! Have been writing and reading all sorts of books. My latest is a collection of short stories written by women about times and experiences and situations during World War Two.Mostly set in UK but a few set in other places of the world. Fascinating and most are so well written, with the odd sentence making me green with envy at its brilliance.

I am persuaded to write at last by yet another rejection notice. My latest full length play called Second Hand Tuesday was not selected by Griffin Theatre as the winner of their 2015 competition. Great disappointment to me as I really thought the play had something going for it.  Ah well, clearly there are better writers, or ones who choose better,more interesting, more pertinent, or whatever subjects.


I have a short play which may get an airing later in the year but will have to wait and see.

Do I give up play writing? Do I give up writing all together.  So many rejections. The big question is, Can I stop writing? To be a writer , or not to be. Hmm. Back to the drawing board.

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