Life, both comedy and tragedy.

Every day of every life has an aspect of drama about it. Love, loss, hate, fear, joy, envy, greed,  are all emotions we have in common, to some degree and so are worthy of sharing through the writing process, in any genre. I love writing and watching stage plays, immersing myself, with every other audience member, in the story of the lives of others.  Equally, I love to sit in a quiet corner and read a book, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud. The life of another human being is so complex and yet so simple in that despite our differences there is so much in common. It is in times of wars that we both recall and forget these things. Is this why war stories are so popular, particularly long after the event? Is it because they remind us of both the good and the bad that resides in every human being? Questions worth pondering. Answers to be searched for in both reading and writing.

Next post I will try to sort out the good and the bad emotions I came across in other people during the research for my Contemporary Fiction Crime novel DAY and KNIGHT The Case of Missing Things.



565309_4652900887992_809588074_n Lismore Theatre

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Got to have the bad times so we know when we’ve found the good times. Wishing you a ‘good’ day Bette!

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