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What a kind greeting I received from the Probus group at Ocean Shores last week. A lovely spot overlooking the ocean which, momentarily, made me seethe with envy but…I have my trees which I also adore on our plot of ground. The group appreciated the readings from my novel and some bought a copy, which was wonderful, but what was really interesting was the way people took delight in the few stories I related about events in my life that somehow related to what and h ow I write.  One woman even went so far as to state that I should write a book about my life. How I would love to yet publishers today are generally interested in biographies of the rich and famous or people who have climbed thirty eight mountains, or such. Still it was a nice compliment. Maybe writers do look and listen and memorise more intensely than most people and so have a great deal of data, sometimes classified as trivia, to retell via conversation or written stores. In any case it was a verypleasant way to ‘show off’ my speaking and writing talents such as they are. Working in theatre certainly does help with presentation skills. Maybe that is what I should be teaching, presentation skills? I understand there are many books on the subject already out there.  Anyway it was a lovely way to spend a day on the coast,out of the crashing, scary surf.

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