Finding ‘stuff’

Non writers invariably ask, “What do you find to write about?” The writer generally sighs inwardly and politely before the usual response of, “Everything is around us.” So true and yet having ‘stuff’ that can be written about is not the same as finding the right ‘stuff’ to write about. It takes a lot of discernment, a lot of deep thought about the choice of subject matter. Then once chosen there follows heaps of research, which frequently involves finding piles of ‘stuff’ neither appropriate for the task or  .all that interesting and more often than not, not even verifiable. Then the inevitable self questioning of “Do I really want to write about my choice of subject?” Back to more pondering, maybe more research in a different line, unearthing more ‘stuff’, useful and useless. Then the moment in time comes when the first word is put upon the blank page and all the ‘stuff’ that is found, eventually finds its own way onto the page (or screen), maybe later to be edited or deleted but it gets there for at least some of the time. So yes, the earth and the humans, as a part of it, scatters all the subject matter out there to be observed, listened to, read about, pondered on but it is left to the writer to not only find it, but hone in on it and create something wonderfully new out of the jungle of ‘stuff’ begging to be written about. 012

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