A writer I admire

Just reading GOLD by Chris Cleave. He is a great story teller but it is his style of writing I so admire. It appears to be all so conversational and then out come these wonderful descriptions, so imaginative and different. A writer of cliches he is definitely not. A line of powerful poetic language, within a seemingly ordinary scenario dealing with one his characters, often takes my breath away. It flows beautifully within the contemporary language he uses. He has written three books, to my knowledge, and GOLD is about people who compete for Gold at the Olympics. His research is meticulous and the stream of consciousness of his characters is truly  credible.  This is a modern writer I put alongside the classic writers of the 19th and 20th century. And no, he is not a relation! I do not even know him. His work speaks to me.

While I so wish my writing skills were as brilliant as his, I still like the way I write. Different genre, different style, perhaps different demographics. It is all putting down the lives of other people onto the page.

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