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I’ve recently revamped my blog. Head straight there now: Bette Guy Author

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New book ready to look at. Riding the Fate Train, a Collection of Short stories, many devised from true stories. Set in both Australia and Britain over a few decades.Check it out on Both Paperback and ebook available. Love to know what you think.FateTrain

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My new book is now available on as a paperback and as an ebook. It is called Riding The Fate Train and is a collection of short stories all with the same theme, that of how Fate, or whatever it might be called, affects a person’s life.

There are thirty nine stories in the book,  all of differing lengths and with completely different characters and places. A bite of the book can be taken in short or long pieces, depending on a readers time and desire for a fascinating outcome.

An image of the Book Cover is on the way! Or just look me up on and it is all there, including a very nice review.



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Writers 4 x 4 tour

Just done three readings, one at Alstonville, one at Lismore and one at Ballina. The final one is at Lennox Head on Wed. Nov  25th. Part of the 4 x 4 tour of four local Indie authors. Audiences have been very supportive and asked some interesting questions. Nice to share some of the ideas and workloads we as writers have. A few books sold but nice getting to know readers.One great and inspiring response was from a man with sight loss who had my book Day and Knight-The Case of Missing Things read to him by his wife. He said by listening he could ‘picture’ very well the characters and the landscapes where the book is set (The northern Rivers). He loved it. A beautiful heart warming gesture. webcabaretpic2-crop

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The Other Book

While DAY AND KNIGHT is my first published fiction novel there is another book , one I have felt ambivalent about since its publication. ..Not sure why.  I am not ashamed of it but it feels a bit like the skeleton in the cupboard. Yet, like all skeletons, it was once alive and kicking. Mine was also clothed in enthusiastic excitement as the culmination of more than a years research and endless rewrites. The book, while being academic non- fiction, my MA thesis in fact,  also incorporates the creative side of my brain because it contains a new stage play composed as part of the thesis.

My thesis was, and still is,  that western playwrights when writing political satire have utilised most of the comedic conventions set up by the early Greek playwright, Aristophanes. By studying the extant plays of Aristophanes and watching modern TV satires, it is clear to see how closely contemporary writers follow the ancient conventions. For me this reveals that human beings haven’t changed all that much when it comes to ‘taking a poke at authority figures’. Aristophanes made jokes at the expense of the leaders of his day just as we do today and we find it just as funny. I find this fact heartening.

You will note that my name has been printed incorrectly on the book cover but it is all my work inside!

This  book ‘Political Satire: Aristophanes to Fo’  is available on for anyone interested. Hope it gives you a good laugh.IMG_0001


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Byron Festival

Well it was a great three days with fabulous weather and absolutely fabulous guest speakers, ranging from the most famous writers to lesser known ones, politicians, ex politicians, journalists, commentators, CEO’s of charities etc etc etc. Some really interesting and often entertaining speakers.

The separate marquee I was in, along with a dozen other small press publishers, was at first looked upon with some bewilderment and a little hesitation but after a while people came and talked to us. A few sales eventuated but getting us ‘newcomers’ out there at such a well respected festival was excellent. More of them in the future, we all hope and this will improve participation and sales. Altogether an exciting chance to participate in the concentrated world of intelligent writers and readers.



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Writers Festival

Byron Bay Writers’ Festival should be great. So many famous people. So many best selling authors. So many reasons to feel green with envy! So many chances to be inspired, to be motivated to write even better. This is the best thing about festivals, the inspiration, the urge to continue improving and writing more and more until the jackpot is struck. Well,

we can but dream.


Trust the weather if fine and warm on August weekend of the festival. I do hate wearing raincoats and gum boots!

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Long time no write

It is along time since I was on my website. Life is what happens, according to Lennon! Have been writing and reading all sorts of books. My latest is a collection of short stories written by women about times and experiences and situations during World War Two.Mostly set in UK but a few set in other places of the world. Fascinating and most are so well written, with the odd sentence making me green with envy at its brilliance.

I am persuaded to write at last by yet another rejection notice. My latest full length play called Second Hand Tuesday was not selected by Griffin Theatre as the winner of their 2015 competition. Great disappointment to me as I really thought the play had something going for it.  Ah well, clearly there are better writers, or ones who choose better,more interesting, more pertinent, or whatever subjects.


I have a short play which may get an airing later in the year but will have to wait and see.

Do I give up play writing? Do I give up writing all together.  So many rejections. The big question is, Can I stop writing? To be a writer , or not to be. Hmm. Back to the drawing board.

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The others POV

Writers of fiction must be able to get inside the head and the heart of other people so that their characters are credible. Most comes from observation.  had never known exactly what it is to be confined to a wheelchair for weeks on end until now. A broken ankle and a subsequent operation meant just that, although hopping to and from a few places fairly close together is essential. It has made me realise just how hard it would be to be permanently in this position. Maybe such people become resigned and/or accepting and even perhaps thankful for small mercies but it has filled me with anguish at the loss of my freedom and independence. Which says something of my personality I guess. It is luckily a short term position but one I have learned from and as a writer I will be better informed should I ever write about a character with a similar loss of independence.  I will certainly tread more carefully in the future!Suddenly Summer 004

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Time or temptation

I have time on my hands, due to an injury to my ankle, so I should be flourishing away creatively, a play waiting to be finished, a new novel to be outlined, a poem to be written for a competition. Yet I am not tempted enough to even make a serious start on any of them. So clearly, time is not the major  requirement needed to write, even if time is of course an essential component to do the physical act of  writing. An hour grabbed at midnight, a few hours before lunch, a five hour stretch in the afternoon. All writers have different timetables. I guess another word for temptation, as far as writers go, is motivation. That urgency to part with something in the head and place it firmly onto the paper or screen.  Something to be shared. Currently this is what I lack. So I read. and read….Dipping in and out of ‘For the Term of his Natural Life’….’The Origin of the Species’, ‘Ulysees’ (ok I am trying!) , John Updike’s short stories..(insightful but invariably sad.).. and to offset Updike….my own novel , a lighthearted mystery thriller ..(a great Xmas gift idea for anyone!) ha ha. And so to hoping that the muse will arrive soon and give me that push, that freedom to do what I love to do, to express my thoughts on the human condition. Sounds airy fairy but it is in fact as practical as mending a broken chair…Time and motivation equals a job completed.

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